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libsocket 1.8 released2006-12-28
added support of >= gcc 4.1and updated documentation.
-- Julien Lemoine
New Happycoder!2006-02-10
It is my pleasure to announce that the have a new happycoder! Sebastien Broussaud. Please join me in welcoming him
-- Samuel Pasquier
libsocket 1.7 released2005-08-01
bugfix release : Fixed bug in tcp when using binary or readn
-- Julien Lemoine
libsocket 1.6 released2004-11-29
This release includes some minor improvement. Win32 version now support all options (timeout and close were missing).
-- Julien Lemoine
libsocket 1.5 released2004-07-23
This release includes SSL 3 and TLS 1 support (with gnutls library) and fix a small bug when nul delimiter where used in text protocols
-- Julien Lemoine
otp-wrapper 0.3 released2004-07-23
New bugfix release. Fix a problem with APPEND imap command and transfer of huge file.
-- Julien Lemoine
otp-wrapper 0.2 released2004-06-05
Bugfix release : fix timeout problem (thread was not removed) and small scanner bug (with empty string).
-- Julien Lemoine
libsocket 1.4 released2004-05-31
This release includes a new feature (you can now allow usage of empty lines in textual protocols) and includes a bug fixe when delimiter of size > 1 are used.
-- Julien Lemoine
otp-wrapper 0.1 released2004-05-31
Happycoders otp-wrapper is a multi-threaded IMAP wrapper that replaces LOGIN authenticate method by an OTP one. This wrapper keep a persistent connection with the IMAP server during a few minutes after the last action (given in the configuration file). This wrapper allow you to use you favorite webmail (squirrelmail, IMP, ...) with a OTP authentication. We have also implemented a new IMAP command (OTP-LOGOUT) to force wrapper to close the persistent IMAP server connection.
-- Julien Lemoine
libsocket 1.3 released2004-05-30
Replaced SIGPIPE by ConnectionClosed Exception, very usefull for multi-threaded environments
-- Julien Lemoine
libsocket 1.2 released2004-05-09
New bugfix release : fix timeout problem and minor bug with text protocol.
-- Julien Lemoine
Happycoders downtime2004-05-08 was down during server migration, only mail services was up. Http server is now up.
-- Julien Lemoine
libsocket 1.1 released2004-04-24
This release does no contain new feature, it is a bugfix release. Delimiters support for text protocol was improved.
-- Julien Lemoine
libdatamining 0.2 released2003-07-29
This version fix a lot of minor bugs, add a support for ODBC and improve libexception genericity. For more details on libdatamining you can read software page.
-- Julien Lemoine
libsocket 1.0 released2003-07-01
This library provides a portable socket abstraction for all OS. IT supports UDP/TCP sockets, for client and server in IPv4 and IPV6. For more details on libsocket you can read software page.
-- Julien Lemoine - new web site2003-06-19
First version of the web site is open. You can find some description for our projects, an access to cvsweb and our documentation server.
-- Julien Lemoine
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